Starfish Games

Starfish Games is a one-man brand devoted to the creation of tabletop boardgames, storytelling games and roleplaying games. We focus on bizarre and new game mechanics or themes.

  1. Shoulda, woulda, coulda - a card-based game on fantasy guilt trips among tired adventurers in a shady brewery.
  2. Micro(n) - a tabletop boardgame on microbial ecology. Create your bacterial species and compete for your niche.
  3. Hearts in Antarctica - a storytelling game of tragedy, ice and human passions gone horribly wrong.
  4. Nightshade - a solitaire storytelling boardgame focused on the creation of a noir detective story!

All our games are free to play! Curious about any game? Feel free to download it, print the related material and start playing immediately! This is our phylosophy: free games for everybody.

Did you find a bug? Tell us! Just fill out the form below to participate in the development of our games. Notify us if you want to be part of the development: you'll receive all updates regarding your game of choice.

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